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Joliette, 17th July 2017 – The notoriety of Château Joliette has soared! Today, Hortence Des Dorides from Newspaper La Presse unveils “7 good reasons to visit Joliette and its surroundings”.

Joliette, 1st June 2017 – With the summer season in place, we are proud to announce the launch of a new package for outdoor enthusiasts. The bicycle package will satisfy the beginners and the most experienced cyclists !

She considers that the cuisine of our Executive Chef, Guillaume Plouffe, is worth the detour and is one of these 7 reasons to visit the Joliette region.

For the curious, we invite you to read the article here (written in French language)

The Cyclists Welcome certification, held by the hotel since January 2017, guarantees a location adapted to the needs of cycling enthusiasts. A secure warehouse, tooling for basic repairs and a complete catering service is at your service. See information about our Bicycle Package